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About our wine industry:

Founded in 2004, the family winery manages 45 hectares of vineyards on the Terasy, Čtvrtě and Kraví hora lines. This is a prime location for vineyards with loamy-sandy soil rich in magnesium. By the way, vineyards in these places are mentioned as early as 1355, since then they have been here almost continuously. The seat of the winery in Bořetice is the historic area of the First Republic wine-growing cooperative VINOPA, which was built in 1932 and in 2005 was completely renovated while maintaining the original appearance of the main building. The closed set of production, storage and presentation space is one of the most modern in our country and can withstand international comparison in its category.

The new technologist and oenologist of the company is Jaroslav Suský. All production is processed by quality and gentle technology. In the production of red wine, the winery returns to traditional methods - it uses longer maceration (fermentation) of the mash. White wines are produced by the technology of controlled fermentation with the use of terrarium yeast. This combination creates wines, which bears varietal characteristics, aroma while maintaining significantly its terroir.

Typical for winery are red wines, full and structured, suitable for gastronomy. There are around 40 vintage wines, including straw and ice wines.


About the

A popular specialty of our winery are two interesting red wines

Cuvée Kácary Flagship of our winery. Carefully assembled cuvée of three varieties Pinot Noir, St. Laurent and André. Harmonious and elegant wine of dark ruby color. Strong aroma of cherries, plum jam with a trace of dark chocolate. Full balanced wine with a long, slightly tannic aftertaste.

Cuvée Túfary Pleasant wine - greetings from Velké Pavlovice. It is composed of three varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and St. Laurent. Ruby reflection in the goblet. Full fruity aroma with a touch of plums, cherries and small black fruits. The taste is strong, full, spicy with a long aftertaste.

For tasting not only these wines you can come directly to our winery. Wine lovers will enjoy sitting in a stylish cellar in the original premises from the 30s of the last century. The capacity of the wine bar is 50 people. In summer there is also a pleasant outdoor seating with 50 seats.