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That's the way we went. It is not because we are following the trend. In the Jedlička Family Winery, we are sympathetic to nature, our grapevine is important and we take care of it all the time.

Our red wines

In the production of red wine, the winery maintains to traditional methods - it uses longer maceration (fermentation) of the mash, while white wines are produced by the technology of controlled fermentation with the use of terroir yeast.

Enjoy our organic wines from the small village of
Our white wines

White wines are produced by the technology of controlled fermentation with the use of terroir yeast. This combination creates wine, which bears varietal characteristics, aroma while significantly maintaining its terroir.



About our winery

Founded in 2004, the family winery manages 45 hectares of vineyards on the Terasy, Čtvrtě and Kraví hora lines. This is a prime location for vineyards with loamy-sandy soil rich in magnesium. By the way, vineyards in these places are mentioned as early as 1355, since then they have been here almost continuously. The seat of the winery in Bořetice is the historic area of the First Republic wine-growing cooperative VINOPA, which was built in 1932 and in 2005 was completely renovated while maintaining the original appearance of the main building. The closed set of production, storage and presentation space is one of the most modern in our country and can withstand international comparison in its category.

Bc. Jaroslav Suský
Executive Officer
Šárka Hladká
business manager
marketing manager
Jaroslav Přikryl
Gabriela Koutníková
cost accountant


Address: Bořetice 511
691 08 Boretice

Wine shop address: Květinářská 2, Brno 60200


Phone: +420 724 286 276

Všechny uváděné ceny jsou včetně 21% DPH. Zákaz prodeje alkoholických nápojů osobám mladším 18 let.

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Obchodní firma: Rodinné vinařství Jedlička, Bořetice a.s.

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